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(In The King's Speech film he's the lad with his nose buried in textbooks.) I wrote to him - this was in 1981, long before emails - and he replied that if I came to London he'd be pleased to talk with me and even show me the notebooks his father kept while treating the King. ' (Six years later I'm in remission and, to the despair of my enemies, in perfect health.) By now, though, I'd lost touch with Dr Logue and assumed that he too was no longer with us.So I had to proceed without his input or the use of those notebooks.

I was also shown that one doesn't stammer when one sings, nor when you cannot hear yourself.

I had great reverence and affection for King George, so I approached the task with respect.

I read everything I could lay my hands on about Bertie, and a great deal has been written, so I had a mass of information concerning his life.

In the early days of this project when I was doing it under my own steam, he let me use the flat to save money.

In the process he read the script and became familiar with the material. Logue used mechanical exercises combined with therapy and friendship.

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