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She said it had 'some rather nice scenes' (so diplomatic) but I was being 'seduced by cinematic technique'. She then suggested, purely as an exercise, I write it first as a stage play.This would force me to focus on the key relationship.I had great reverence and affection for King George, so I approached the task with respect.I read everything I could lay my hands on about Bertie, and a great deal has been written, so I had a mass of information concerning his life.Not a great deal was written about His Majesty's speech therapist, Lionel Logue, certainly not in the official biographies. to her private secretary, saying: 'Please, Mr Seidler, not during my lifetime, the memory of those events is still too painful.' This letter from Clarence House, and my subsequent reaction, is what convinced my American friends that I'm both British and dotty. Who in America waits for anything, especially an old lady?

I even tried to approach his Australian agent and got a very cold shoulder. I wouldn't permit such an amateurish thing to be done in my name.

Today we've come a long way in our dealings with the handicapped. Naturally I took this Christmas present rather badly, but after three or four days of feeling sorry for myself, I realised grief wasn't particularly good for me.

But in Bertie's era, the American President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was never photographed standing, nor even sitting without his polio-stricken legs being discreetly covered with a blanket. I asked a friend in London to do a bit of detective work. crisp, clean, cream-coloured stationery with a red coat of arms from Clarence House. It lowers one's immunity, and the immune system is one's best friend.

In the early days of this project when I was doing it under my own steam, he let me use the flat to save money.

In the process he read the script and became familiar with the material. Logue used mechanical exercises combined with therapy and friendship.

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