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Young men aged 21–34 years, who represented 11% of the U. Persons who wore a seat belt less than always had an annual alcohol-impaired driving rate (1,321) three times higher than those who always wore a seat belt (398). adults reported driving while impaired by alcohol at least once in the preceding 30 days, resulting in an estimated 121 million alcohol-impaired driving episodes annually, and a national rate of 505 episodes per 1,000 population.Among alcohol-impaired drivers, those living in states with a secondary seat belt law were less likely to always wear their seat belt (55%) compared with those in states with a primary law (74%). Census region had the highest annual alcohol-impaired driving rate at 573 per 1,000 population. Alcohol-impaired driving rates varied more than fourfold among states.Respondents who reported consuming any alcoholic beverages within the past 30 days were then asked, "During the past 30 days, how many times have you driven when you've had perhaps too much to drink?" Estimates of the annual number of alcohol-impaired driving episodes per respondent were calculated by multiplying the reported episodes during the preceding 30 days by 12.Among those who reported driving while impaired, 58% indicated one episode, 23% indicated two episodes, and 17% indicated 3–10 episodes in the past 30 days; 0.8% of respondents reported they drove while impaired at least daily.Men accounted for 80% of alcohol-impaired driving episodes. Persons who reported binge drinking accounted for 85% of alcohol-impaired driving episodes, and the 4% of the adult population who reported binge drinking at least four times per month accounted for 61% of all alcohol-impaired driving episodes.

In 2013, 10,076 persons died in crashes in which at least one driver had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) ≥0.08 grams per deciliter (g/d L), the legal limit for adult drivers in the United States (2).In 2012, 1.8% of respondents reported at least one alcohol-impaired driving episode during the preceding 30 days.This represented 4.2 million adults who reported an estimated 121 million annual alcohol-impaired driving episodes, a rate of 505 per 1,000 population .In this report, persons who did not always wear a seat belt had alcohol-impaired driving rates three times higher than those who were always belted.In addition, consistent seat belt use was especially low among alcohol-impaired drivers living in states with a secondary seat belt law.Also, young men aged 21–34 years and persons who binge drink have consistently reported the highest rates of alcohol-impaired driving.Likewise, persons living in the Midwest have consistently reported higher alcohol-impaired driving rates than those living in other regions.BRFSS is an ongoing, state-based, random-digit–dialed telephone survey that collects health risk data from noninstitutionalized adults aged ≥18 years (5). Data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia were included.Data from the 2012 BRFSS survey were analyzed to estimate prevalence, number of episodes, and rate of alcohol-impaired driving by selected individual characteristics and rates by state and U. In 2011, BRFSS began conducting interviews of respondents with mobile phones in addition to landline interviews (6).Alcohol-impaired driving prevalence was stratified by sex and reported by age, race/ethnicity, education level, marital status, household income, number of binge drinking episodes, seat belt use (always wear or less than always wear) and U. Seat belt use among alcohol-impaired drivers was examined separately by type of state seat belt law.Primary enforcement seat belt laws (primary laws) permit law enforcement to stop motorists solely for being unbelted, whereas secondary laws permit ticketing unbelted motorists only if they are stopped for another reason (7).

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