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The bottom of the thigh-length black floral print skirt flutters innocently in the ever-so-slight breeze passing through the room, but when she spins to take part in the ice-breaker I’ve planned, I notice how the top wraps tightly around her flawless waist around stays snug until where it just passes the point where her perfectly-defined buttcheeks take form.

My subtle (yet well-trained) observation skills notice the slight rise of the intended-to-be-invisible top flare of her thong under that silken wrap surrounding her ass.

She pushes her tongue forward, stroking her upper lip and teeth, then runs it slowly around her lips.

She is still sitting in the same desk, and she slides forward even further, the seat bottom’s friction holding her barely-covering skirt, which causes her tender crotch to move forward freely.

Needless to say, this makes it difficult to conduct class, as she slides her ass toward the front of the chair, oblivious that she’s giving me a peep show up her skirt.

I find it hard to focus on the aesthetic consequences of Reductionism. Ohh, that trimmed young beaver, barely covered by her panties.

Tucked behind those those seemingly sad liquid blue eyes is a question. Her smile nervously widens just a bit, and she works her eyes down my body, stopping at my crotch.

When she turns, the consequence of not-yet removing all the starch causes the left side to lap open slightly, providing an unobstructed view of her nibble ring and a rush of blood to my easily engorged cock.

As the semester progresses, I find I (almost) unknowingly schedule any needed walk through campus at the same times as her practice.

Her perfectly trained ass gyrates to the sounds of the music which carries her into erotic ecstasy — at least in my mind.

But it’s in class where her magic continues to capture my imagination and fuel the fantasy.

It is a game day just like any other, and she’s there in that short skirt which easily gives way to her tight, pussy-outlining panties.

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