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Her hands move in two directions: the right moves to the bottom of her sweater and begins to glide it upward, revealing those luscious, tight bra-less breasts my mouth has nuzzled many times in my private mental-fantasy moments before now.

She slowly caresses her breasts, alternately pinching her nipples, which quickly become swollen and rock-hard.

The bottom of the thigh-length black floral print skirt flutters innocently in the ever-so-slight breeze passing through the room, but when she spins to take part in the ice-breaker I’ve planned, I notice how the top wraps tightly around her flawless waist around stays snug until where it just passes the point where her perfectly-defined buttcheeks take form.

My subtle (yet well-trained) observation skills notice the slight rise of the intended-to-be-invisible top flare of her thong under that silken wrap surrounding her ass.

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She’s dressed perfectly for the warm autumn days at the beginning of the school year.I know all it would take: The class session ends, the other students file out considering the profound implications of what I’d presented that morning.Consequently, they’re oblivious that she’s remaining, overwhelmed.“Hmmm,” I think to myself, “lovely accentuation brought out by a comfortable — and lovely — skirt.” As well, I notice the match: what looks like one of Daddy’s lightweight white Oxford dress shirts. And what a pair of gorgeous tits: They’re tight, firm, and just a little larger than what might be expected on a girl her size.The only button she’d bothered to fasten was the unique gold-covered change Daddy must have made: the Playboy bunny emblem.I can’t help but notice the blazing blonde hair flowing halfway down her back, surrounding a face which initially confuses me.While she can give off the “I’m-so-fucking-bitching” attitude, I shortly assess she’s actually a semi-innocent, cute, naive, and childlike — yet knowingly flirtatious — young woman, caring more about having fun in the moment than anything else.As the semester progresses, I find I (almost) unknowingly schedule any needed walk through campus at the same times as her practice.Her perfectly trained ass gyrates to the sounds of the music which carries her into erotic ecstasy — at least in my mind.Needless to say, this makes it difficult to conduct class, as she slides her ass toward the front of the chair, oblivious that she’s giving me a peep show up her skirt.I find it hard to focus on the aesthetic consequences of Reductionism. Ohh, that trimmed young beaver, barely covered by her panties.

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