Alex day and lex dating

She figured it must be Alex."Noah, why don't you come with me to let Alex inside? She stepped forward and opened the door to find Alex waiting, smile on her face and bottle of white wine in her hand."Alex, good to see you," Olivia said. "I had to learn once Noah started eating solid foods or else he'd think the delivery boy from the Chinese restaurant downstairs was his father."Alex let out a hearty laugh, then found a seat nearby where Noah returned to playing. "I'll get us some plates and silverware and bring the wine bottle.

Grilling wasn't something Olivia had much opportunity to do in the city, so she wasn't about to pass up the opportunity.

A surprising breakup with Tucker & a recent case that rocked NYC has her in need for a change & a vacation. Tucker happened & I'm ok with it, however, this WILL NOT be a love triangle with Liv/Ed/Alex. However, she did agree to join them for dinner again.

Background: Canon thru S18; No prior AO romance, but will be. Olivia invited Alex to join them, but she insisted Olivia enjoy her time with Noah without distractions.

Olivia peered through the fridge and freezers, then the cupboards.

Claire really had done a good job and the food was healthy.

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