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Career When Roberts was 18, he became a part of Montreal’s newsroom CKGM Radio and he was proficient in covering 1980 Quebec Referendum. Once after completing his schoolings, Leslie was immediately appointed as a medical reporter for CFCF TV during the year 1985 and he worked as a CTV affiliate too.

Roberts served at CFCF for more than 12 years time and he gained intense experience in various segments.

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His mother worked as a personal assistant to a Minister of Parliament. Roberts, was the founder of The Axe, a very controversial tabloid published from 1922 to 1924. After long years of serving Canadian Prime Minister as a special advisor, he became editor in chief of Montreal’s radio.

Leslie has an uncle, Grant, who worked for the Globe newspaper, Mail newspaper, and for the Montreal Star newspaper.

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Leslie Roberts is a popular television face and a journalist who was born in the year 1962, 28th June. in Environmental Engineering also did a post-doc fellowship in epidemiology at the Centers for Disease Control then he worked in Rwanda during Civil war.

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Besides being a journalist and anchor, Roberts focused in lending his hands to many non-profit organizations and charities too.

His focuses on the documentation human rights violations.

Family: Roberts come from a family with journalism background.

Later after 3 year’s time, Roberts turned to CTV Montreal and worked as a full-time anchor there.

During the year 2000, Leslie became a part of Global Quebec and he worked as a news director and also served as a co-host in the evening news.

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