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Linda Nolan appeared on Monday's Loose Women where she opened up about her cancer diagnosis while chatting to the panel, including sister Coleen Nolan.She attributes this to the fact that dating as a concept doesn't really exist in India, where she grew up.You like someone, you court each other, you get into a relationship," she says.Taking to Twitter, viewers praised the singer, with one writing: "Linda Nolan I love your positivity. Thank you." Another added: "As a terminally ill cancer battler myself, I just want to say what a lovely lady Linda Nolan is #metasticbattlers." Linda Nolan was diagnosed with secondary cancer in 2017 During the programme, Linda's sister Coleen Nolan – a regular panellist – asked her about her love life.Having tragically lost her partner Brian Hudson to skin cancer in 2007, Linda revealed that she has since been "anti dating," but that she wasn’t completely against meeting someone again.Linda was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2017 .The 59-year-old was tragically diagnosed with secondary cancer in 2017, but defiantly told the panel during her interview: "I think I have become a better person because of the diagnosis." She also said that she is determined not let her illness rule the time that she had left, and instead wants to make sure she has a "whale of a time".Orgasms are worth pursuing for their own sake, but it doesn't hurt to know about the mood, beauty, and health benefits of sex.Its improvements on physical appearance are numerous and even a little surprising. D., says they aren't even required to get the added beauty bonuses of sex: Any level of sexual pleasure or even just arousal can have the same effects.Some people never experience the love I had with Ryan.But now it would be nice for me to sit and watch a movie with someone, or go on a walk, or on holiday." The star was praised for her positivity on Loose Women RELATED: Linda Nolan opens up about heartbreaking diagnosis and funeral plans On Saturday, Linda opened up about her plans for her final days, telling The Mirror that she does not wish to be resuscitated near the end of her life and she has specific song requests in mind for her funeral.

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