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On verification, your is ready to connect you with really cool people.Another USP of Aisle is that except the free first 7/14/30-day trial period.

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Click here to Download hike for Android from Google Play Store.It however takes some efforts to get account, You have to answer a very brief questionnaire and then your profile is sent for verification.No Casual dating, only long-term relationships is the goal of Aisle.During our tests we found the profiles coming predominantly from Rural areas despite we being in an Urban area.The good thing is that the app does have real and verified profiles, but the bad thing is that it has too many in-app purchases to a normal person’s liking.Smartphones have changed our lives right from the way we get up in the morning to the way we sleep at night.Even the way we connect & communicate with People happens via our Android phones – Email, SMS, Calls, Whats App, Facebook etc.Besides, these it also contains a list of Interesting events happening around you, so that you can register yourself for it.Multiple persons registering leads to a group formation, where in you can meet new persons and get going.App No.4 – Woo The User-Interface of Woo is something which we liked the most, it makes it really easy to view profiles and get the information from them.The best thing is that you can specify a “crush” to a profile, which is more than a like as well as when both of you have a match, you can start conversation and chatting right on the Woo App.

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