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A nurse came in and said " Brooke and Brandon you two can come to the front desk and we can discharge you two." Brooke nodded.

He was mysteriously absent from Good Morning America on Tuesday.

They wanted personal information and ID's and everything else.

Ryleigh left and they all headed towards the front desk where it was a very long process.

Former dancer who appeared in several episodes of Lifetime's hit series Dance Moms.

He's performed duets with Payton Ackerman and Brooke Hyland.

Silly me being a full Christian "no sex until marriage" girl didn't use birth control, and I don't think Brandon even owned a condom. 20 minutes later they had recieved their first visitor. A female nurse came in the room and asked " Why did you name her Paige? " It's for my sister who passed away 7 months ago." The nurse said " I'm so sorry." Brooke nodded. I'll come visit when you get out of the hospital." Britney said her goodbyes. " Here you go." Brooke thanked the nurse and carried on talking to Brandon and her family. " Brandon and Brooke said " Thanks." Brandon asked " Where's dad? Oh there he is." Diane walked out and came back with Brandon's father, Fred." Fred, this is your grand-daughter." Diane said. " The two nurses threw her up on Brooke's chest. Brandon looked down at the baby and kissed her silky soft skin. After filling out the birth certificate Brooke handed it back to the doctor. They heard a knock at the door, it was a nurse with a pill for Brooke. " Randy said " Sure." He took the baby in his arms and said " This kinda reminds me about when Paige was born." Brooke smiled. Brandon's mother walked in and whispered " Congrats! " Fred said " Sure." Brandon closed the door and said to his father " You could show a little bit more support." Fred said " Brandon why did you get a 17 year old girl pregnant? " Yes I most certainly have." Brandon asked " Really? Brandon walked over to Brooke and kissed the top of her head. He is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was born to parents Fred and Diane Pent. He started dating Ryleigh Vertes, one of Kendall's older sisters and the daughter of Jill Vertes, in 2014.Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain is the retooling of the animated television series Pinky and the Brain (itself being a spin-off from Animaniacs), with the title characters being joined by Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures.The show is executive produced by Steven Spielberg and the series was produced by Amblin Television in association with Warner Bros.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Brooke Hyland and Brandon Pent are finally parents! It was three people who she had not seen since she told them she was pregnant. They have finally recieved their daughter, Paige Mc Kenna Pent. He claims he has been permanently disabled by the alleged incident and has suffered from depression as a result, according to The Brisbane Times.It is unknown how much the surgeon will request in compensation.

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