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, which sounds like the Super Furry Animals through a strainer -- sandblasted and streamlined.Apparently their new label boss, Rough Trade’s Geoff Travis, commissioned a pop album.Of course, this is the Super Furry Animals, so they do employ at least one gimmick for this tour.

The last time the Super Furry Animals played Philadelphia, they rode on stage in a golf cart.

The Super Furry Animals have never needed gimmicks to sell themselves.

Sure, the band’s shenanigans add to the attraction, but it’s always been the songs that sold the albums -- not techno-fueled tanks or homemade Power Ranger helmets.

The former is played in the style of obscure Scottish band BMX Bandits.

Whether it’s homage, or a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the C86-sounding group, the Super Furries apply their particular attributes to the song with certain aplomb.

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