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I think that’s why I liked that [Silence Of The Heart] was about suicide.” AVC: Most of your scenes were with Joshua Jackson.He would write the most amazing pages, the poor thing.Seeing it, I felt that it was very exploitative, and I had to recognize after that movie that sometimes I have to be really clear with a director and really hear what they say, and not be so idealistic and think that what I’m making is something prettier than the real version.It wasn’t like Friends, where everyone’s like, “Oh, we’re so attractive and we’re so funny!” And then they were going to have me do it in between that and whatever I was going to do next, but he wanted my hair to be cut, and there was this stupid thing where…I remember I had a scene with Matthew Perry, and at the end of a take, he would, like, do a mug to each camera, because he’d been doing it so long, and he knows the button on a scene, a look he might give.But for as big as the show was, I didn’t know a whole lot about it.

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She’s in a dress, trying to attack this guy, but she’s got a turkey.Did someone develop a sitcom specifically for you, or was the show developed independently and they just decided you were right for the part?Claudia Lonow, who is a great writer, wrote that and produced it, and that was her life!Before being cherry-picked by David Lynch for the role of Audrey Horne, Fenn had done a bit of TV as well as films ranging from teen comedies (Just One Of The Guys) to decidedly more adult material (Two Moon Junction), but Twin Peaks increased her opportunities considerably, leading to projects like Ruby, Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story, and the Showtime series Rude Awakening.I also had been busy being a mom for my second time.But it was one of the first cable sitcoms that was multi-camera and no audience.You’re doing your work, and some people get along and some people don’t, and whatever.You know, it’s a weird, vulnerable business that we’re in.What happened was, I got Twin Peaks, and the part was basically written for me, which was a really big shock.Billy’s paternal grandfather was Thomas Henry Crudup, Jr.(the son of Thomas Henry Crudup and Mary Pender Coffield).The actor: When Twin Peaks became a pop culture phenomenon, several members of the show’s cast suddenly found their profiles increased significantly, but the definitive poster girl for the show—the one that wasn’t wrapped in plastic, anyway—was Sherilyn Fenn.

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