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You know, it’s a weird, vulnerable business that we’re in.What happened was, I got Twin Peaks, and the part was basically written for me, which was a really big shock.I don’t know if other people’s experience was that they completely knew that it was going to become what it is, but Wild At Heart (1990)—“Girl In Accident”AVC: Did you do your bit for Wild At Heart between seasons of Twin Peaks?

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Date of Birth: July 8, 1968 Ethnicity: English, some German and Scottish Billy Crudup is an American actor.

It wasn’t like Friends, where everyone’s like, “Oh, we’re so attractive and we’re so funny!

” And then they were going to have me do it in between that and whatever I was going to do next, but he wanted my hair to be cut, and there was this stupid thing where…

I poured everything I could into it, and sometimes…

[Laughs.] The director, Yurek Bogayevicz, said to Mitch [In a Polish accent.] “Can you stand by me on the set?

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