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Complete all feats to get the "Feat Fetish" achievement.

It can be found at the entrance of Cima Leon: Centcom (N 40 41.756, E 5 43.986), which is on the island where the game starts (Insula Fonte).

Soap Box Car location The Soap Box Car is required for completing the "Endless Runner" feat.

You can still do it after the outpost has been liberated.

The gas cannister respawns when you fast travel to the outpost.

To view all the vehicles you have found, go to the Rebel Drop list or to "Progress" - "Garage Blueprints".

The following are some tips for finding vehicles: There are other military vehicles such as tanks, attack helicopters, and fighter jets that are unlocked by liberating all military bases, completing the story, and finding collectibles -- all of which comes through natural progress (needed for the "Unlocked And Fully Loaded" achievement).

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