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You can perform a more flexible comparison between two dates using the Date Compare() function.

This function takes three parameters: The function returns -1 if date1 is less than date2, 0 if both date1 and date2 are equal, or 1 if date1 is greater than date2.

Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate.

Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

Installation of CF9 on Ubuntu (dev environment) went fine, Apache is running, when I try to access CFADMIN I get: The following information is meant for the website developer for debugging purposes.

Error Occurred While Processing Request File not found: /cfide/administrator/CF is up and running, when I try to hit a CF page within one of the sites, I get the contents of the file printed to the screen. Apparently, it seems the answer was as simple as incorrect case. /cfide/administrator/index.cfm, where we all know the folder is uppercase as in CFIDE...

Also available in Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese. General readers will find the following ones useful: Mallove, E. G., “Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed” gives an in depth history of the subject up to 2002. There is no way to tell if he is using my solution but becoming non-responsive doesn't mean that he didn't use it.BTW - I understand exactly what he is trying to do and my post is a simple straightforward solution.I thought serialize JSON() function would handle this, but it turns out it treats CF date/time variables as strings.The to Script() function will convert CF variables to JS Date Objects—provided that the date/time variable is in ODBC format (i.e.General readers are provided with reviews of the subject and books that give the history of the controversy and a summary of the scientific knowledge. “The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” describes the experimental work of Dr. Pictures and descriptions of experimental apparatus are also shown. See the list in our Do E Review Special Collection. Storms and compiles and summarizes most of the experimental and theoretical work in the field up to 2007. People looking for a quick, easy introduction to the field may enjoy our You Tube video . “Fire From Ice” describes the early history of the subject before 1991. I had the need to convert a Cold Fusion date/time stamp to a JS Date using the uppercase in the url, I gained access, but I figured, I would inevitabley use the lowercase in the future, I created a symbolic link in the directory with a lowercase link pointing to the uppercase directory. Please let me know if there's a better way to fix this problem. I usually run CF on Windows and IIS so I dont know the exact settings for Apache.It sounds like Apache does not know how to read CFMs.

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