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You might want to check out the surgical center as well.While very rare, one issue involving cataract surgical centers might be their infection rate after cataract surgery.These premium intraocular lenses are called presbyopia-correcting IOLs and require special expertise of your cataract surgeon.Medicare and most private health insurance policies will cover the cost of standard cataract surgery with conventional monofocal IOLs.For this reason, many surgeons recommend the added precision of a laser cataract surgery procedure if you choose this type of presbyopia-correcting IOL.Even when positioned perfectly inside the eye, multifocal IOLs sometimes can cause noticeable glare and halos at night.(You can reduce your need for reading glasses if you choose monovision cataract surgery with conventional monofocal IOLs, but this means only one of your eyes will see distant objects clearly.) Most people want to be less dependent on eyeglasses (or be "glasses-free") after cataract surgery.

State licensing boards also can validate a surgeon's credentials, as can the National Practitioner Data Bank.You'll know your cataract surgeon is taking the right approach for premium IOLs if: While premium IOLs are a major innovation in cataract surgery, the decision to have a cataract procedure with a premium lens is yours alone.Consider all information available about these lenses before making your decision, and be wary of a surgeon who "oversells" the concept.When you schedule your first appointment with a cataract surgeon, you need not feel committed at that point.Take time to ask the surgeon and staff plenty of questions, and make sure you are comfortable that this is the person you want for your procedure.Freedom from eyeglasses after cataract surgery requires the use of premium intraocular lenses (IOLs) that may require your cataract surgeon to have special expertise and experience with this sort of IOL to insure a good outcome.Conventional monofocal IOLs usually provide excellent visual acuity for driving and other distance vision tasks, but you typically will need reading glasses after cataract surgery if you choose this type of intraocular lens.This lens has certain advantages and disadvantages, compared with multifocal lenses.Again, your cataract surgeon should discuss details of what you can expect as an outcome.Cataract surgery is so common that you probably have friends, neighbors or relatives who have undergone the procedure.When you need surgery yourself, ask around for a referral.

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