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Students pursuing a consolidated loan to reduce their monthly payments should understand that until the consolidated loan is signed and completed, they remain responsible for all payments due on their active loans.

When applying for a consolidated loan, the bank will consider the applicant’s monthly income as well as their credit history.

They are already familiar with both your financial status and your current loan agreements.

It may also be advisable to look to other lenders, and to compare what they have to offer in the way of borrower benefits.

Again, before signing any loan agreement, be certain that you understand all of your responsibilities as a borrower.

Students applying for a consolidation loan will find that banks and other private lending institutions have made the process relatively easy.

For many students, loan consolidation can mean the difference between totally discharging their college loans and going into default.

Many lenders will allow students to apply online through their dedicated website.

The application process should only take a few minutes.

The new loan will combine the loan values of all of your existing loans, plus any attendant fees.

This new loan will be associated with new interest rates and new terms and conditions.

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