Consolidating student loans chase bank

With more than billion in loans provided to a total of more than 165,000 borrowers (who So Fi calls "members"), they've definitely made a name for themselves among online lenders.So Fi offers many kinds of loans, including personal loans, mortgage loans and refinancing, student loan refinancing, and others.Their website is informative and easy to use, and their consultants are friendly and knowledgeable.

With an average member savings of more than ,000, So Fi should be on your short list of possible lenders when it comes to your student loan consolidation.

One feature of So Fi that is particularly helpful in today's economy is their unemployment protection program.

If you meet certain criteria, such as not having lost your job through any fault of your own, you may have your payments suspended for up to a total of 12 months while you look for new employment.

Once you've chosen the consolidation loan that meets your needs, you can easily upload documents from your smartphone or use screenshots on your computer, then sign your paperwork electronically.

We really appreciate that So Fi has absolute transparency with their student loan consolidation rates and that they do not charge origination fees or prepayment penalties.

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