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It delivers flight search results in all three “currencies” and tells you which itinerary promises the best value—and why. At press time, it still didn’t feature American Airlines or Southwest. We’re told it has plans to incorporate them soon.) Travelers can also find more comprehensive listings for cash-versus-points searches on Point Hub, which also offers Point Finder, a personalized feature that makes sure to inform you of any additional perks given by airlines such as extra points or even upgrades on a particular route.

Our new platform the Airtrade Hub, integrates and optimizes flight content from multiple sources.

Read more We have a continuous focus on providing our customers with the best flight result.

The cheapest fare isn't necessarily the best or most efficient option.

Staying on top of your many mileage, hotel, and rental-car programs is one of the biggest headaches for frequent travelers.

Ditto figuring out whether or not you’ve accumulated enough points to book a first-class ticket for your next big getaway.

You compare rental rates at Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty.

With industry leading technology, staff and travel agents are able to issue tickets anytime and anywhere More Quiktravel is a web based system provided by Consolidated Travel for travel agents.We like Trip It’s i Phone- and i Pad-optimized apps, which let you quickly access your details on the fly.New to the space, Mile Wise aims to solve the age-old dilemma of whether you should buy that last-minute ticket to Bali using cash, miles, or points.If you do create an account, you can build a network of fellow travelers to see when you might be in the same location at the same time.(If I were to travel much, I can see where this would be a very handy "social networking" feature.) For instance, you can see a public view of my recent itinerary for the OLE Project and ALA Midwinter trip.The itinerary includes links to online check-in services and flight information.And you can do all of this without creating an account.(Trip It didn't understand the ALA travel service confirmation e-mails for the lodging arrangements, so I had to enter that by hand.) This view is missing my confirmation numbers and other private details, but it is a useful view to share with spouses and office managers.If you join Trip It and want to connect networks, let me know.Our core function is to provide airlines and travel agencies with a simple and cost effective distribution model.Utilising our own internally developed cutting edge technology, we provide the latest air fare deals and issue tickets for travel agents on behalf of airlines throughout Australia, a practice commonly referred to as consolidation.

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