Consolidating units in hospitals

The plan, as presented, would better help Schuylkill Health maximize building space and save on expenses, Lory said.A lot of time and effort went into the plan, Lory said.The board of directors of Schuylkill Health approved the plan in February contingent on the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s approval.The department of health approved a conceptual agreement, or the idea, in March, Lory said.The board of directors, management and a physician advisory group composed of doctors at Schuylkill Health provided their input on the plan.

Lory said not doing anything was not a viable option if the board wanted to grow and meet any challenges.Meanwhile, the system is considering moving its maternity and pediatrics units to East Norwegian Street.“It’s inefficient to be running two full-service hospitals,” Marc. Lory, interim president/chief executive officer for Schuylkill Health, said Thursday. 6 after the board of directors of Schuylkill Health appointed him in after former CEO John E. He said the hospitals are within close proximity to each other and duplicate services are not cost effective.Depending on approval, changes could start in July or in September.July is a more “aggressive” time table and after Labor Day in September is more realistic, Lory said.However, the emergency room and other duplicate services at the South Jackson Street building, the former Pottsville Hospital, will be eliminated.An urgent care center, where patients can be treated for minor illnesses instead of going to the emergency room, is proposed for the South Jackson Street site.The consolidation of services is expected to cost some people their jobs.“Schuylkill Health is committed to ensuring that it integrates its facilities to provide those services most needed in this community,” Lory said in a prepared statement.Funding for the integration effort could come from donated money Schuylkill Health System has, grants or other revenue sources such as a loan.Lory explained why the East Norwegian street was selected for certain services.

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