Current recordset does not support updating asp

Attach Label to Text Box Associate Label with a Control Add a Field to Table Must add field to form manually Renamed table fields usually rename in form Deleted fields in table cause error 07. Query Criteria 2 () NOT Keyword NOT "NY" Inequalitites Review NOT "NY" AND NOT "OH" "NY" AND "PA" AND limits query results OR expands query results Show box Hide fields from query Prevent odd names like "Field1" Move a query column Dates in pound symbols 03.

Query Criteria 3 () Is Null Is Not Null Zip Code LIKE "142*" State LIKE "N*" Email LIKE "*amicron*" Date LIKE "*/2012" Date LIKE "5/*/2012" 04.

Inserting Pictures () Copy Image from Web Site to Desktop JPG and GIF may show icon only Convert to BMP using Microsoft Paint Click and Drag to OLE Object Stretch, Clip, Zoom 05. Navigation Forms () Getting around in your database Switchboards, discussion of Navigation Form Pros and Cons Create Simple Horizontal Nav Form Add Forms to Nav Form Add Reports to Nav Form Rename Tabs Change Form Caption Rearrange / Move Tabs Delete Tab Horizontal Tabs, 2 Levels Multi-Level Menu Tabs Tabs by Object Type Tabs by Data Type Changing Colors Display Navigation Form on Startup Hide Navigation Pane on Startup Bypassing Startup Options Nesting Navigation Forms, discussion of 02.

Employee ID Report () Label Wizard Manually Resizing Labels Adding Employee Picture Transparent Border Bound Object Frame Unbound Object Frame Image Control Insert a Static Company Logo Editing Pictures in Place 06. Main Menu Form 1 () Create a Blank Unbound Form Command Button Wizard Form Operations Open Form Button Text (Caption) Open Form Show All Records Make Forms Remember Startup Position Command Button Wizard not starting Use Control Wizards Option Why Use Command Buttons Button to Close Form 03.

Multi-Column Combo Box () Combo Box to pick States Create a State Table State Abbreviation and Name Hide Key Column Resize Column Widths Which column to store in Customer T List Width Column Widths List Rows 04.

Tab Order () Show the Tab Order on Customer List F Rearrange Controls Tab Order button Detail Section Auto Order Manually Edit Tab Order Tab Stop Property Cycle Property All Records Current Record Fix the Customer Form Tab Order 05.

Contact Report 1 () Building a Report from Scratch Page Header, Footer Detail Section Print Preview Problems with Layout View Remove Box Borders Transparent Shape Outline Portrait vs.

Field Properties 9 () Smart Tags - brief discussion Unicode Compression - brief discussion IME Mode - brief discussion IME Sentence Mode - brief discussion Show Date Picker Auto Number Increment or Random Artificially inflating Auto Numbers Indexing Duplicates OK No Duplicates Which fields to index When and when not to index 04.

Database Maintenance () Compact & Repair 2 GB Database Size Limit Backing Up Your Database 05.

List Boxes () Preferred Shipping Method Create Shipping T Shipping field in Customer T Change To 00. Contact Table & Form () What is a Contact Why not use a Memo field?

Create Contact Table Review of Now() Function Create Contact Form Enter Data into Contact Form Notice Poor Data Integrity 02.

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