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Of course, upon seeing this, young women in the wider society want to emulate these so-called Stars.

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I have read that it’s the fact that these guys are so strong and tough and they could protect a woman, yada yada, yada!!!! Again, what is it about s--thead guys that attracts so much positive attention from women?[About his favorite quote from 'Twilight'] It's not in the first book, but the quote I love the most is Jacob's quote, "Does my being half-naked bother you? Because he's always half-naked throughout the series, it's just a good way to rock the fact that he's always shirtless. You have probably seen them- the nice looking, decent young women at the grocery store or at the movies holding hands with a “bad boy”, or thug.because anyone living through gunshots must be tough and will be able to protect her.I think this biological natural selection thing has women all screwed up in the brain.Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, actress Valeisha Butterfield, Janet Jackson, Vivica A.Fox, and the list goes on and on- all either have or had these men for boyfriends.Everywhere you look, you see the thug image reinforced as the popular “in” thing.It has even been institutionalized- reinforced by mainstream institutions (The Grammys, by the Academy Awards, major movies, Politicians, the NAACP, professional sports, major magazines, etc etc etc).The idea is disturbing, but I really do believe that women get some kind of sick rush from this kind of nonsense.I just feel that most of these women are …put it nicely… I sometimes find it hard to have sympathy for women who repeatedly put themselves (& their kids) in bad situations, bad relationships, & so forth, but then they want society to care when something bad happens.

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