Dating a dope boy searching of new dating sites

[About his favorite quote from 'Twilight'] It's not in the first book, but the quote I love the most is Jacob's quote, "Does my being half-naked bother you? Because he's always half-naked throughout the series, it's just a good way to rock the fact that he's always shirtless. You have probably seen them- the nice looking, decent young women at the grocery store or at the movies holding hands with a “bad boy”, or thug.It’s as if they have to be entertained, even if it’s at their own expense and a risk to their well being. (little boys) that makes women so attracted to them? He can protect her by staying away from areas or situations that might bring trouble.

I just feel that most of these women are …put it nicely… I sometimes find it hard to have sympathy for women who repeatedly put themselves (& their kids) in bad situations, bad relationships, & so forth, but then they want society to care when something bad happens.

because anyone living through gunshots must be tough and will be able to protect her.

I think this biological natural selection thing has women all screwed up in the brain.

(this is largely why I pretty much stick to Public radio…urban commercial radio is brainless, useless and has, for all practical purposes, gone to crap). But it’s basically a given that most of the young female R&B (Rhythm and Bulls--t) Stars of today have rappers, thugs, etc as boyfriends. Now we have a situation where the “thug” has become the ideal mate for most young women… At least that seems to be the case for women in urban communities…Black women in particular. This issue has actually defined my relationship with Black women.

The short version- I have a hard time finding one that I can even date, since I don’t fit their picture of “a man”. These kinds of characteristics really should not apply today.

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