Dating antique dining chairs

Due to the sheer number of chair styles, we have chosen only the more popular and collectible items.

We have already added a great deal -- but we will be adding, on a daily basis, quality information on antiques of all kinds.

She is a fan of Antiques on Old Plank Road, a furniture shop that imports and restores European quality antique and vintage pieces.

Before 1600 chairs were used only by the master and mistress of the house. Although increasingly used by lesser mortals too during the 17th C, the presence of arms and the extent and elaboration of carving found on many chairs still indicated their high status.

If rough surfaces, plane scrapes, and tool marks are evident inside the piece of furniture, or on the back or bottom surfaces, you're probably looking at a pre-1860 model.

This is one of the easiest ways to provide a fairly accurate date stamp to any antique.

A collector familiar with the different grains and types of wood has the perfect advantage when it comes to telling the age of antique pieces. Observe its craftsmanship The processes involved in manufacturing furniture then and now have many differences.

For one, antique furniture is largely hand crafted.

Many claim that antique furniture is more durable than modern furniture but craftsmanship extends beyond durability.

It is also common for the materials of an antique piece not to match completely.

If a piece of furniture was hand crafted, you will notice that carvings or details such as knobs and spindles may not be exactly identical. Determine the style period When it comes to antique furniture, style is a good indication of the era the piece is from.

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