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Beautiful castles to experience, formal gardens to get lost in and peaceful abbeys to enjoy the tranquility only they can afford.

Belgium has been environmentally conscious and organic since before it became cool!

During the 19th century it lost economic importance to the more heavily industrialized Wallonia.

The fortunes of the region improved in the 20th century: the construction of the Albert Canal (1930–39) from Antwerp to Liège stimulated the growth of the Flemish economy, as did post-World War II economic liberalization and foreign investment.

(For more information on the history of Flanders, Belgium: History; Brabant; Flanders, the historical region.)Although agriculture is now a relatively small contributor to the Belgian economy, Flanders contains some of the country’s leading agricultural areas.

In the fertile polders of West Flanders, grass, oats, and fodder crops support extensive livestock raising (especially horses, cattle, and pigs).

Meanwhile, as Wallonia’s aging industries declined, the Flemish economic resurgence exacerbated political tensions between the two regions.Flanders has a temperate climate, with strong maritime influences in the west.Most people of Flanders, called Flemings, speak Flemish, which is the same as Standard Dutch.There are extensive blocks of coniferous plantations.The low, undulating Central Plateaus occupy the central part of the region.The textile industry remains significant, though it has shifted its focus away from traditional wool and linen production.Antwerp continues to be known for its centuries-old diamond trade.Every month the Chef proposes suggestions menus with seasonal products.All the products used in our dishes are selected with the greatest care near Belgian craftsmen who respect the quality and the tradition of the Belgian soil.A small portion of the region is located outside Belgium proper: Baarle-Hertog (Baerle-Duc), a municipality administered by Antwerp province, is composed of a number of small enclaves in the Netherlands (the Dutch municipality of Baarle-Nassau is interwoven with these enclaves).The Brussels-Capital Region lies within but is administratively separate from Flanders; however, the city of Brussels also serves as the capital of the Flemish Region. The Kempenland, the plateau region in the northeastern part of Flanders, is characterized by sand dunes and areas of broom, heather, and poor pasture.

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