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Luckily there are several very good books whose main characters are children with diabetes.

In short, The Best Year of My Life is an excellent book for young kids with diabetes. She talks about other kids at school worrying that they'll catch diabetes from her when another kid was diagnosed. helps explain to kids what it means for a parent to be diagnosed with diabetes. The subtitle for Diabetes Care Made Easy is "A Simple Step-By-Step Guide For Controlling Your Diabetes." That pretty well sums up the book.Think of this book as a reference guide for older teens who might be reluctant to ask their parents or diabetes team about diabetes. His family, friends and coaches help Donnie realize that he can make a big difference by being an assistant coach, since he knows so much about football. ISBN 0-8075-2158-2 (hardcover) or 0-8075-2159-0 (paperback). The star of this book is Lydia, the author's daughter, who was diagnosed with diabetes when she was two years old.They might not read the book cover to cover, but they don't have to -- each chapter is short, easy to read, and contains highlights about the particular topic. The Dinosaur Tamer is a nice compilation of short stories about children with diabetes. Even Little Kids Get Diabetes by Connie White Pirner. The words are those of a very young girl, maybe in kindergarten, so your own very young child will feel right at home.Grazie all’alto valore culturale e delle nostre iniziative abbiamo avuto riscontri ampi sui media regionali e nazionali, come La Repubblica, il Corriere della Sera, il Giornale dell’Umbria e Corriere dell’Umbria.Per l’anno 2016 l’Associazione ha pensato di continuare ad affrontare il tema “CHE MONDO SAREMO? Vorremmo tentare di dare vita ad una serie di incontri pubblici, chiamando a parlare alcune personalità importanti che hanno già operato e riflettuto sulle seguenti tematiche:; dove va il calcio, dove va la musica, dove va l’economia, dove va l’informazione radio-televisiva, legalità e responsabilità soggettiva, i nuovi direttori e lo stato dei rispettivi musei, ecc…Newly diagnosed kids (and parents) will appreciate the step-by-step overview of mixing multiple insulins, treating high and low blood sugars, and sick day care.Though a bit dated (blood testing includes a "wipe the test strip" step), the overall concepts are good and the contents are very easy to understand.Like The Best Year of My Life, Making the Best of Life is an excellent book for kids with diabetes. If you are an adult with diabetes and want to help your kids understand what diabetes is all about, this is an excellent book. Diabetes Care Made Easy by Allison Nemanic, RN, BA, Gretchen Kauth, RD, CDE, and Marion J. The pictures will help the younger kids and reinforce the concepts for the older kids.Each step in diabetes care is covered, including blood testing, urine testing for ketones, and insulin injections.Ogni iniziativa intrapresa, ha visto una numerosa partecipazione dei cittadini.Il blog da noi animato ha raggiunto più di 30.000 contatti.

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