Dating fender necks

The Fender Japan guitar manufacturing contract was originally going to go to Tokai in 1981/1982 but at the last minute Fender choose Fujigen Gakki instead.Some Fujigen made Fender replica between 19 have necks made by Atlansia.The first CIJ Fenders start around 1992 but most of the Japanese Fenders up till 1996/1997 are MIJ Fenders.In 1991/1992 Fujigen were expanding their factory operations by establishing Fujigen Hirooka Inc.Specially, Kanda shokai, they were distributing the Greco brand Guitar made by Fujigen.

I have heard that Kanda and Fujigengot a serious quality issues.

There are still many rumors that "Crafted in Japan" marked are not assembled in Japan.

The Japanese users said, all wooden works are done out side of Japan, Tokai or Dynajust assemble them ! To think about the production process,if Fender Japan done so, they had better assemble all in China or Indonesia. The freight between Japan and China/Indonesia could not allow them to do.

CIJ is mostly used on Fenders from 1996/1997 until recently due to Tokai and Dyna Gakki taking over the Fender Japan manufacturing contract from Fujigen Gakki in 1996/1997.

The Fender Squire were also brought into line to be in sync with the Japanese Fenders at around the same time (1996/1997) with 'Crafted' rather than 'Made' being used.

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