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Each page contains a puzzle or something to do before you progress to the next page.You're actually made to jump around in the book as you slowly progress through the movie storyline, kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure except there's only ever one right page to go to.i now have a young daughter and want to introduce pippi to her.It should go without saying that my favorite movie is of course Labyrinth, which I first saw on November 29, 1986 when I was 15 years old, and have seen at least 50 times since.

:-) Many items are out of print or at least hard to find now, but things are often sold on the e Bay auction site (search under "Labyrinth").

Labyrinth fantasy: This picture shows a stuffed owl, on a printout of a Maze, surrounded in front by several crystal balls and crystal pyramids, and surrounded in back by nine onyx obelisks. I made it around when I saw the movie for the first time.

Various pieces of memorabilia from the movie Labyrinth are in the background. I've acquired a good collection of Labyrinth movie memorabilia over the years.

This image has been sent to and may also be seen on The Jennifer Connelly fan page.

I bought Picture 2 and Picture 3 from one of the auction sites on the Net.

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