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Girl in maze: The graphic at the top of the main Think Labyrinth page is a crude rendition based on a picture, specifically the one in the crystal ball on the cover of the Labyrinth novel based on the film by A. As far as I know I have the largest collection in the world.:-) Many items are out of print or at least hard to find now, but things are often sold on the e Bay auction site (search under "Labyrinth").Underground single: This single has two different versions of David Bowie's Underground on it.A rare copy of a proof that the album cover was designed and printed from may be seen here.That's where I got most of the things listed here that I didn't buy during the period when the movie was originally playing.Monica's Labyrinth for sale page used to also have memorabilia, but that page is no longer available. Anyway, here's my list: Labyrinth video: The actual video of the movie by Embassy Home Entertainment. A picture of the Labyrinth re-release video by Jim Henson Home Entertainment may be seen here.I mean, this is almost worth digging up some money to start a smarmy "Dating Game" type show, just so I can use "Spanish Flea" as the theme.Speaking of odd themes, I seem to remember Family Film Festival hosted by "Popeye" Tom Hatten on L.() hi there everyone,i'm searching for pippi longstockings theme song lyrics too.

A scan of their program which Charles Kerr generously sent me may be seen here.My favorite actress is Jennifer Connelly, who starred in it. A selection of transcripts for the movie I've put together: Labyrinth movie transcript: This file contains a complete transcript of the movie, specifically of the closed caption dialog text displayed on the screen during its running.And yes, like the character Sarah, I have a poster of M. The captions displayed are very close to but not exactly the lines actually spoken, where I rented a caption decoder box in order to put this together.I work with a guy who's a guitarist in a mariachi band in his spare time.The music on this Peter Pan record is a lot like the cover art: bland, homogenous, and bearing only a mild resemblence to the original article.Each page contains a puzzle or something to do before you progress to the next page.You're actually made to jump around in the book as you slowly progress through the movie storyline, kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure except there's only ever one right page to go to.Actual contents of the sheet music and lyrics may be read here.Labyrinth family activity book: A high quality 48 page book with 16 pages of color photos.Labyrinth fantasy: This picture shows a stuffed owl, on a printout of a Maze, surrounded in front by several crystal balls and crystal pyramids, and surrounded in back by nine onyx obelisks. I made it around when I saw the movie for the first time.Various pieces of memorabilia from the movie Labyrinth are in the background. I've acquired a good collection of Labyrinth movie memorabilia over the years.

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