Dating in caracas venezuela

You'll need proof of employment, proof of address and a copy of your bank statement in addition to your application...which may get denied for no discernible reason.

Most airlines have stopped offering services to the country.

There are massive protests going on, but as a foreigner they won't effect you directly unless you walk into one.

It is still a (somewhat) functioning city, with people going to work, riding the subway and passing time with their families.

Find an Airbnb host that has a Pay Pal account, or something like it (if they don't, a relative in the States of theirs probably will), and ask if they would be willing to turn your USD into Bolivares, to be waiting for you upon your arrival.

Don't talk to random people on the street (no PUA bullshit here).

You should be more or less OK walking around the nicer areas of Caracas during the day (Los Palos Grandes, Altamira, Las Mercedes, Colinas de Bello Monte are examples of safer neighbourhoods - there are truly no neighbourhoods here that are entirely safe). Don't go out after dark unless you are with trusted Venezuelans. You will notice that the streets are somewhat deserted at night. If you're foreign, don't draw attention to yourself.

As a general rule, stick to the east side of the city, not the west. This won't be too difficult, as Venezuelans come in all colours and sizes.

Don't put it all in your bag, as the airport security will see it when you scan your bag and shake you down for a bribe. The ideal way to do this is to arrange something before you arrive.

That way, you won't be walking around the airport with thousands of US dollars.

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