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Another, more unusual cubit rod of "white wood" in the British Museum is 2 cubits long (1.0489 meters or 2 x 0.52445) and shows that Egyptian architects had longer tools as well.

The marks were made by dipping a cord into red ocher, stretching it over the surface, and lightly flinging it against the surface.

Lepsius collected information about fourteen more or less complete cubits.

Most of these examples were not actually used as tools, but as votives, or were made for the funerary equipment and therefore made of hard stone.

It is in principle the same instrument that is used today. The simplest version consists of two arms, connected at a right angle with pegs or with tongue and groove.

There may also have been squares with a third piece of wood connecting the two legs in the shape of an A, similar to the square levels.

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