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The data provided - emergency contacts, medical information, etc. This info will also be automatically placed into your registration forms.

The Lowell District Court is also accessible by the Lowell line of the MBTA.

Property Taxes may be paid to the City of Lowell from July 1 through February 28.

They can be paid in person, online using our new tax information and payment system, by phone at (855) 839-7016 or through the mail at: Lowell City Hall 301 East Main Street Lowell, MI 49331 If the Due Date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Legal Holiday the Due Date will be extended to the next regular business day.

In October 2006, New York City-area media including the New York Times and WCBS-TV reported that Adam4Adam was the focus of a conspiracy to find gay men online to rob.

A number of men in New York City used the site to lure a Brooklyn man to a remote area where he was robbed and murdered.

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