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You will not rack it harded then that gas piston and you will not send it home harder then that action spring. Mc Guire Custom Built Home Defense, LEO Duty, & Tactical R870's Remington Factory Certified LE Armorer Refinishing, Rebuilding, Upgrades, Accessories 231-690-0954 / [email protected]'s quite a pronouncement there, saying that nothing on an 870 needs smoothing.

I am telling you this so you understand that you can not hurt the 870 and it was made to rack hard.guys that told you to go shoot it in are correct.I know others will jump on my comments and disagree but unless they are Factory Certifed Remington Law Enforcements Armorers like me then they are giving you opinions, I gave you facts and if they are Certified as I am and they disagree they are not disagreeing with me but the Instuctors who Certified them as I have simply repeated what I was taught at the factory about this weapon. (That doesn't mean that I think you don't have some good points listed, otherwise)I'm not trying to start an argument, but since my "opinions" have been slighted, I must respond with some clarified points to allow readers to better form their own "opinions".---------------------------------------Stating that the only parts touching anything else when you rack the gun being the action bars would be correct if there were no parts inside the frame except the action bars.

There are times where the rough spots on parts are unable to make a "break-in" pattern and just create a "galled" surface, and by then it can be more difficult to renew the surfaces on some parts that have limited material present in the first place.

If anybody thinks that just using or stroking a gun mechanism is guaranteed to make the parts as smooth as can be- cannot have ever had a proper action job in their hands to compare the difference.

I say that's about as likely as working a Camaro shifter a thousand times and expecting to make it feel as smooth as a Mercedes.

I'm not saying that well-used guns can't be smooth, but imagine how smooth that gun would have been if it had started with an action smoothing job in the beginning.

There is nothing to smooth out on an 870 so the advise you got about just shoot it was correct.

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An 870 is the same weapon as the 11-87 but the 11-87 has a gas piston that racks it back and a heavy action spring that sends it home.(Want to embarress a few upidy shooters pretty soon with that gun). They can have more in sighting/laser/flashlight/handgrip/rails/speedfeed etc. Let's say a shooter has a crooked choke tube hole that makes the point of impact off 8" at 20 yards, but a new straight choke hole is less than 2" off at the same distance?But, I can tell the difference in a smoothed (well worn to be more exact) and this brand new express. I never mention that I bring mechanisms to the point of perfection; I do state that I make them better than when they were brought in (or came off the shelf, if new). equipment than the gun cost, and they don't recognize the benefit of internal improvement that doesn't come with a stick-on decal ( ex. (Remember, I didn't install the rib etc., just a new straight hole)Most shooters would be expecting to do a lot better with that shotgun after that level of improvement, even if not "perfect".A 1% chance that a gun being used for self defense having a potential parts malfunction or breakage condition present is not a large number, but who wants to play "you bet your ..." at that rate vs.1/1000 of 1% after the parts have been optimized or rejected by personal inspection by someone rather than a rushed assembly line parts installer? Don't pull the trigger and drop the hammer, just all the way back and all the way forward, using the action release. One thing to consider about action smoothing is that a judicious application of talent will undoubtedly create a smooth condition without any wear condition being counted upon to mate the parts together. Best thing I can recommend is to disassemble it and wipe all the excess oil and grease off of everything, then put it together and sit and watch TV and work the action.Wear is the evidence of material removed rather than sharp edges eliminated that will minimize subsequent wear.I do plenty of action smoothing on anything from new Citori doubles to economy Mossberg pumps (now there's a gun all can agree can be made smoother in function), but I never counsel a shooter to have an action smoothed unless they are sure the gun is a "keeper".Have you looked at my archive postings for more gunsmith input? I have yet to drive a Mercedes with a straight shift (rarer and rarer anyway) that was nearly as smooth as a GM Muncie 4 speed with a factory supplied Hurst [email protected]_________________Gunsmithing website: on every page. Article 3 pictures improper or dangerous choke installations, article 1 has explanatory illustrations, and article 2 has info. Having an action job done on a Remington Express or the like is inconceivable to me. item needs to be perfect before you can make it smootherbut we are talking about a 870, i am assuming an express and i dont see too many people spending close to what the gun cost new to make it smoother I am not knocking you or any skilled craftsman at all (i am in the same boat you are) but in an economy like todays people are watching pennies more and moreand not to knock a 870 or a mossy but you can polish a turd and its still a turd (just shiny) I appreciate the input guys.

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