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In my neck of the woods break in robbery is getting more frequent and this short barrel 870 is the trick for defense since it is what I have used since a young boy. Attainment of infinite perfection- sorry, not here. POI can vary due to shells, anyway, just like a rifle may only be zeroed with one specific load to be the closest to "dead-on" target.Just trying to "fix it up" and learn a little in the process. As I mentioned, most guns are functional, and only a few examples (of certain otherwise mechanically sound design) will have function compromised by fit or meshing incompatibilities that, once improved, make the reliability the equal of anything that a person would use in defense of self and family.

I do plenty of action smoothing on anything from new Citori doubles to economy Mossberg pumps (now there's a gun all can agree can be made smoother in function), but I never counsel a shooter to have an action smoothed unless they are sure the gun is a "keeper".

(Want to embarress a few upidy shooters pretty soon with that gun). They can have more in sighting/laser/flashlight/handgrip/rails/speedfeed etc. Let's say a shooter has a crooked choke tube hole that makes the point of impact off 8" at 20 yards, but a new straight choke hole is less than 2" off at the same distance?

But, I can tell the difference in a smoothed (well worn to be more exact) and this brand new express. I never mention that I bring mechanisms to the point of perfection; I do state that I make them better than when they were brought in (or came off the shelf, if new). equipment than the gun cost, and they don't recognize the benefit of internal improvement that doesn't come with a stick-on decal ( ex. (Remember, I didn't install the rib etc., just a new straight hole)Most shooters would be expecting to do a lot better with that shotgun after that level of improvement, even if not "perfect".

Don't pull the trigger and drop the hammer, just all the way back and all the way forward, using the action release. One thing to consider about action smoothing is that a judicious application of talent will undoubtedly create a smooth condition without any wear condition being counted upon to mate the parts together.

Best thing I can recommend is to disassemble it and wipe all the excess oil and grease off of everything, then put it together and sit and watch TV and work the action.

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