Dating mpd

Listen dude, we’re sorry the genetic gods didn’t bless you with a 12-inch pecker, but no chick really wants that anyway.

Stop letting your small dick ruin your life and stop being an asshole to girls as a defense mechanism. And no, it doesn’t count if he pulls the whole “I just want to see your face” lie.

The bro-ey transphobia of this scene aside, this is kind of like how guys with small dicks work.

Nope, a guy with a small dick isn’t in a hurry to show it off, and because of that, he’ll take his time with the foreplay.

Specifically, foreplay focused on your genitals rather than his. Some players will show their dick to any lady that gives them the time of day.

When you say you’re not interested in attending his yacht party with him, he’ll go off.

Saying things like “Whatever, I was doing you a favor.

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