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Links: Electronic Journal of Folklore, Encyclopedia Mythica, Godchecker: Your Guide to the Gods, Sacred Text Archive If you’re just thinking about dipping your toes in the witchcraft water, consider a spell book.

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After this little run-in with the authorities, though, Vicky's behavior is generally ideal.Meditation can be tricky for folks so I usually recommend hellboundwitch’s post on meditation.Lucid dreamers may want to check out this link: Wiki How to Lucid Dream in 16 steps (with pictures) _____________________________________ If you have a question on a subject that has no resources listed, ask. Also, if you remember a post I’ve written and it’s not listed, let me know.Vicky, the wannabe witch, uses her magic in mostly positive ways, to help others.She learns a lot about responsibility over the course of the story (even though, she seemed pretty responsible to begin with).Many of the topic have a lot of posts, many of which have been rewritten or updated for clarity or to include new information.Click on the topic subject to bring you to a new page where the posts are linked. When something is a personal practice specific post I will use the [UPG Alert!She doesn't want to be frivolous in her use of magic; she seeks out positive ways to use her spells.Though magic is mostly used to help people in the game, young witches can also have magic duels, using spells upon each other that are based on the elements of earth, wind, fire, thunder, and water.Google scholar is also useful when looking for more academic papers.There are a ton of scholarly resources out there, just ask around.

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