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Paul is in the Australian army and returns to France after recovering from a leg injury.After the war, he goes home and, despite promising to write, never does.A Woman of Substance is a novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford, published in 1979.The novel is the first of a seven-book saga about the fortunes of a retail empire and the machinations of the business elite across three generations.When Emma tells them she is looking for work, Abraham immediately offers her a job at his clothing workshop.He and David are pleased with Emma's work, and she becomes good friends with them.Joe is killed in the Battle of the Somme and Laura, now married to Blackie, dies giving birth to a son, Bryan.Emma raises Bryan until Blackie returns from the war. They fall in love, and while their time together is short, it is a very intense affair.

On their arrival in New York, Emma's secretary, Gaye, tells her she heard Emma's sons discussing a plan to force her to retire and break up her empire so the pieces can be sold.

The series, featuring Emma Harte and her family also includes Hold The Dream, To Be The Best, Emma's Secret, Unexpected Blessings, Just Rewards and Breaking the Rules.

A Woman of Substance was adapted as an eponymous television miniseries as were the sequels Hold The Dream and To Be The Best.

He tells her Edwin will soon be engaged and demands she tell him where the child is.

Emma refuses to admit there is a child, and after a violent confrontation, realizes she needs someone to protect her.

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