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Before survey administration, local parental permission procedures were followed.

Students completed the self-administered questionnaire during one class period and recorded their responses directly on a computer-scannable booklet or answer sheet.

CDC’s Institutional Review Board approved the protocol for the national YRBS.

The 2015 YRBS standard questionnaire contained 89 questions.

YRBSS includes school-based national, state, and large urban school district Youth Risk Behavior Surveys (YRBS) conducted among representative samples of students in grades 9–12.

National, state, and large urban school distr ict surveys have been conducted biennially since 1991 ( Table 1).

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Skip patterns, which occur when a particular response to one question indicates to the respondents that they should not answer one or more subsequent questions, were not included in any YRBS questionnaire to protect students’ privacy by ensuring all students took about the same amount of time to complete the questionnaire.These behaviors frequently are interrelated and are established during childhood and adolescence and extend into adulthood.To monitor priority health behaviors in each of these six categories, the prevalence of obesity, overweight, and asthma, and other priority health behaviors among youth and young adults, CDC developed the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) ().To enable a separate analysis of data for black and Hispanic students, two classes per grade, rather than one, were sampled in schools with a high minority enrollment.Before the 2013 national YRBS, three strategies were used to oversample black and Hispanic students: 1) larger sampling rates were used to select PSUs that were in high-black and high-Hispanic strata; 2) a modified measure of size was used to increase the probability of sampling schools with a disproportionately high minority enrollment; and 3) two classes per grade, rather than one, were sampled in schools with a high minority enrollment.The 1,259 PSUs were categorized into 16 strata according to their metropolitan statistical area (MSA) status (e.g., urban city) and the percentages of black and Hispanic students in the PSUs.From the 1,259 PSUs, 54 were sampled with probability proportional to overall school enrollment size for the PSU.Only one state and three large urban school districts included in this report used the 2015 YRBS standard questionnaire without modifications.This report presents state and large urban school district results only from selected questions on the 2015 standard questionnaire.All questions (except for two questions assessing height and weight and the race question) were multiple choice with a maximum of eight mutually exclusive response options and only one possible answer per respondent.Information about the reliability of the standard questionnaire has been pub lished elsewhere ().

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