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The FBI marked the case’s 10-year anniversary with a renewed public plea for any information, and announced a ,000 reward — which joined a standing 0,000 reward from an anonymous private source in Zywicki’s New Jersey hometown — for any information leading to an arrest in the case.

FBI officials also confirmed for the first time that they’d collected DNA from Zywicki’s body 10 years earlier and had the evidence on file.

The 20th anniversary of Tammy Zywicki’s unsolved murder did not go unnoticed.

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The timepiece matched the description of the one Zywicki had in her possession when she went missing, and investigators had never recovered the watch.The eyewitness believed a strong connection existed between the events, and three days after the woman left the facility, the eyewitness contacted Martin Mc Carthy, a member of the investigative team who’d joined the federal task force in November 1992.Officials identified the trucker as Lonnie Bierbodt and brought him in for questioning.A thief who spent some years in prison, Vidocq became an informant to the police and ultimately founded a private detective agency in the early 1800s.He is credited with developing modern record keeping, the science of ballistics and making plaster of Paris casts of shoes.In July 2007, FBI agents contacted investigators in Tennessee about questioning 56-year-old trucker Bruce Mendenhall in Zywicki’s slaying.Mendenhall, of Albion in southern Illinois, was arrested Thursday, July 12, 2007, and charged with killing 25-year-old Sara Hulbert at an interstate truck stop in Nashville, Tenn.Mendenhall eventually confessed to killing six women at truck stops in Tennessee, Indiana, Alabama, and Georgia.He didn’t confess to Zywicki’s death, but Ross Rice, an FBI spokesman in Chicago, said it was the agency’s duty to question Mendenhall.22, 2015 said Illinois State Police turned to the nationally known organization, the Vidocq Society, for help in solving Zywicki’s murder.The Greenville News described the Vidocq Society as follows: The Vidocq Society began with a 1990 luncheon involving three men from various specialties in criminal investigation — a former special agent for the U. Customs Service, a forensic sculptor and a prison psychologist.

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