Dating tips for high school teens

You aren’t reinforcing a stereotype by being yourself."— Stevenlegits "Sexuality, gender, identity, labels — they're all fluid and they can change as you grow up!

Your experiences and personal mindset shape who you are, not other people.

Back in those days the only out queer women tended to have a more masculine style, so I felt I was just confused because I didn't have the same appearance or style sense as them.

You're allowed to dress however you want and identify however you want, none of the above has to define you in any way, shape, or form!

If you want to start dating but aren't sure how to do so successfully, it's luckily easy to learn the basics.

Take your time to experience your sexual and romantic feelings or your gender without trying to use identities to define them.

There is an entire community of people like us and a huge selection of potential relationship buddies once you leave school.

You don't have to bind your chest if you don't want to, but if you do that's fine! Kiss her, hold her hand, and don't let anyone make you feel bad for it."— Ash N."— Carli Paige, Facebook "I was always more feminine and most people called me gay in Kindergarten.I didn’t actually realize I was gay until 7th grade.This isn't really advice because this will happen and there is nothing you can do about it.Sorry."— Gabe Klansky, Facebook “You don’t have to date the only other queer person in the school, no matter how much your friends or theirs try to set you up!Experiment, explore, and discover who you were meant to be.Make mistakes, break hearts, and educate those who will listen!A lot of my straight friends told me that it was great and blah blah blah — but it was kinda just weird to me.It didn't hurt, it wasn't traumatic, it just wasn't enjoyable.But I felt like I had to pretend to like it and that's just how it was.Years later, I met my current partner and they showed me how to enjoy sex."— Daniella Diaz, Facebook "When I was trying to figure out my sexuality I had the silly notion that I wasn't 'allowed' to be a lesbian because I'm so feminine.

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