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Most policies (and federal law) allow banks to hold funds for an extra day, and the hold can last longer, depending on who owns the ATM.

If you need money quickly, in-person deposits are best.

When you end up with more cash than you can spend, it’s best to deposit that money into a bank account.

The funds are safe, and your cash can’t get stolen or burn in a fire.

Ask your bank how they handle money orders (or read your deposit agreement) before you go out and buy one.

Deposit to a prepaid card: some prepaid debit cards have options for cash deposits, and you may be able to link your prepaid account to your online bank account.

You’ll start earning interest quickly, and you should not pay any fees for making the deposit.

If you have an account at a brick-and-mortar bank or credit union, take your cash to the branch and make a deposit.

Money orders: if your bank accepts deposits by mail, you can buy a money order with cash and send the money order to your bank.

That’s a slow and cumbersome process, but it may be your only option.

If you’re trying to deposit cash to an online bank account, the process is more challenging – but it’s not impossible.

ACH transfer: the simplest method is to deposit cash at a brick-and-mortar bank or credit union and transfer the funds to your online bank account.

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