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Another approach is to use a debit card that can be reloaded when you buy reload cards at popular retailers such as pharmacies and convenience stores (you’ll pay cash for the reload card, and then add those funds to your prepaid account).When you deposit cash at a bank or credit union, you’ll need to use a deposit slip.This saves on mail time, but you’ll still need to physically get the money order.Money orders can be problematic because some financial institutions don’t accept them, or they don’t allow you to deposit them remotely.Ask your bank how they handle money orders (or read your deposit agreement) before you go out and buy one.

You may need to use your debit card and PIN to access your account before making a deposit.Credit union benefits: hopefully you’ve got plenty of branches nearby.If you bank at a credit union that’s part of the shared branching network, you can deposit cash at any member branch (not just at your home credit union).When you end up with more cash than you can spend, it’s best to deposit that money into a bank account.The funds are safe, and your cash can’t get stolen or burn in a fire.Check with your bank to see if you need to use a particular ATM network, and look for network logos on ATMs located nearby.Your bank’s app most likely has an ATM locator tool as well.That’s just one of several reasons why it’s worth keeping a brick-and-mortar account open.ATM deposits: some online banks accept deposits at ATMs.You’ll have to pay for each money order (often around one dollar at grocery and convenience stores) and postage, so small deposits might not be worth it.Another approach is to deposit a money order with your bank’s mobile deposit app.

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