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Make sure you take this time to work on yourself as well. I am going to counseling, but I don't want to offer it to him. I want to see him make the steps in the right direction and continue in them. I don't have any suggestions for you, just sympathy. He has peace and calm all the time and can't do 4 days...

I don't want to Prince Charming, but I do want a man that values me for who I am. I am not sure if I can get a "new" marriage with him to be honest. I just want him to show responsiblity and effort for the place that we are in.

I am no longer going to be the doer or bring all the suggestions to the table.

Being romantic (gestures, dates, I love you's for reason, card/gift for no reason). Does it ever come back with a person that you have had marital problems with? I understand that I am older and wiser than I was when I got married, and I don't want to be unrealistic. He says that too much has happened over the last 22 years, and I agree. I too am separated, and want a "New Guy," "New Relationship" but truly don't know if it could ever happen.However, if you expect your H to turn into Prince Charming and be your knight in shining armor I am sorry but that is unrealistic.Kcrat, To be honest, there is a big side of me that wants to let it go.By nature I am a fighter and I figure that I will see how this one LAST chance works out. I wanted to make sure that I did my absolute best so that when I look my kids in the eyes, I know that I did all I could do.I know that marriage and life can get hectic but we should always reconnect with our spouse about why we got married in the first place. It’s the resounding answer to the question: Should you have a member of the opposite sex spend the night while you are divorcing, or even newly divorced?He has much more invested in me than a fantasy -- 7 years and 3 kids. If he does not do it, it will be on him this time -- instead of me putting forth all the effort.I am flat out tired of working so damn hard in the marriage and it seems to be a walk in the park for him.They know I like to have a sexual relationship.’ While that might be true, just remember the example that you are setting is that it’s OK to have sex with people you aren’t married to. Monkey see monkey do.” But morality aside, there are more pressing legal implications to consider when entertaining overnight guests while your children are in the house, especially if you are just separated and dealing with custodial issues.It’s never a good idea, but not even for the moral reasons or even the kids.

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