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I did the original as entertainment for a Sunday School Christmas Party so long ago that I can scarce remember when.I will however question other church members to see if they can remember.The music is a bit annoying so I kept the sound turned down low.Just a quick note to tell you that I came across your sight as I was looking for the Christmas Carol Puzzle that I passed out to my students this week but forgot to bring a copy home for my family to enjoy.Maybe it spread the next year when I sent a copy in my Christmas Cards to my high school classmates. They are spread from Alaska to Florida and California to Maine. Dear Rick, Thank you so much for removing the "Xmas" clues in your puzzles.At the time, the most recent song, I believe, was "Grandmother Got Run Over", and I believe that copyright was around 1973. I'm really not a religious nut, but I firmly believe that we teach by example, even when we do not realize that others are watching us.

Take your mystical winged-shooter and collect incredible powerups that you must use to stop the multi-colored balls from reaching the pyramids as you progress through amazing levels in Luxor Evolved!Every year at Christmas time, someone would bring a copy to the office.People would laugh, try to solve it, then make a copy of their own.I thought it was very odd to have complete silence for twelve years, then to have two women email me on consecutive days to claim ownership.I could not help but wonder if they know each other, but FMY said no.One person mentioned it is hard to catch power-ups…It is incredibly easy to catch them.Play and enjoy...worth it if you have a great mouse reaction. I wish lives were easier to replenish and more screens were added.Then they would in turn Fax the puzzle to someone else.I have little doubt this puzzle has circled the globe several times. Two different ladies emailed one day apart to say they did it.One of the ladies refused to share her name with me, so I use her email initials FMY to identify her.The other lady was Lahlete Pearson who said she created the puzzle in 1985.

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