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Once the project began it was frustrating not being able to leave early for the site or stay late, as we depended on our police escort, and not being able to get out and about much in the local area.This affected not just rest and relaxation, but our aim of engaging Iraqi and international companies working in the area for funding and other assistance. But the rewards far outweighed all the inconveniences. How does this new find affect our current understanding of the way Old Babylonian life worked?Tourist attractions also include the Star Mine Suspension Bridge, Atlas Coal Mine, Reptile World, Canadian Badlands Passion Play, Horseshoe Canyon, Horse Thief Canyon, hoodoos, Bleriot Ferry, East Coulee School Museum, Homestead Museum, and Little Church which is capable of seating only six patrons.

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Turn north and follow hwy 9 all the way to Drumheller.But while our project is a really exciting one from an archaeological and research perspective, it is more than just a dig.From its earliest statehood, Iraq nurtured archaeologists of international calibre, from Fuad Safar, the excavator of many sites including Eridu and Director General of the Iraqi Department of Antiquities, to the recently deceased Donny George, whose most famous effort on behalf of Iraqi archaeology was helping to organize the recovery of artifacts from the Iraqi National Museum.Meanwhile, oil exploration steadily swallows up vast tracts of land, and there is still looting of archaeological sites.International help is sorely needed, and, while not feasible everywhere, is perfectly possible in many areas.The Last Chance Saloon is part of the Rosedeer Hotel which is home to a ghost living on it's third floor., then eat an early lunch before the lunch crowd arrives.If youre going to eat a heavy meal or a lot of food, save it for the last meal of the day when youre done riding because big meals take a lot of energy to digest and will make you drowsy. Instead, stop at mom & pop restaurants and local pubs whenever possible.We have a major Old Babylonian administrative building, possibly a temple, dominating a small settlement on a canal or river branch that must have linked up with the head of the Gulf. What else lies just beneath the surface of Tell Khaiber? Over the next few years, funds and everything else permitting, we will be using the full range of modern techniques to answer these and other questions.These already include gradiometer survey to detect structures using magnetic variation and organic residue analysis, but equally important is grasping the opportunities that electronic media provide.The Ziggurat of Ur is an indelible image, along with the Sumerian royal tombs from the third millennium and its famous artifacts, such as the “Standard of Ur.” The region is the heartland of Sumer and the world’s first cities, made possible as the waters of the Arabian Gulf receded, creating rich resources for farmers, fishers, and herders, and their overlords.But today Ur is located within an Iraqi air force base and the time has come to focus attention elsewhere.

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