Did spencer grammer and scott michael foster dating regular show internet dating

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Eight years later, the cast of ABC Family’s teen cult comedy is still making a splash on television with nearly all its leads starring in new series this upcoming TV season.

It's just shocking what they're going to tell Cappie. The whole idea of saving your parents from themselves is an awesome idea. Thompson: The lovely thing about being an artist is that it crosses ages and generations. I love hanging out with young artists because they don't think of me as older.

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Even though Spencer's first official acting role was technically on her father's sitcom "Cheers" as a child, the part was uncredited, so her true first professional acting gig was on the series "Clubhouse" in 2004.

Dale was truly one of a kind on the college comedy, thanks to Clark Duke’s fabulously awkward, geeky portrayal.

premiered on July 9, 2007 and ran for four seasons until March 7, 2011.

Nowadays, the actor is recurring on TNT’s “The Last Ship,” which stars Eric Dane. Though not one of the “Greek” leads, Hill’s character was one of the most charming frat brothers, opposite Cappie (Scott Michael Foster).

After the show, Hill went on to an arc in another ABC Family show, “Twisted,” in which Denise Richards starred.

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