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Dubrovnik is one of the Eastern Europe's must-see cities - its number of visitors increases every year for good reason!But travelers to Croatia shouldn't end their exploration of this fascinating country in Dubrovnik.

Latvia also claims to be the originator of the Christmas tree, and Latvian Christmas traditions include a celebration of this contribution to Christianity's important holiday. Like Latvia, it also claims to have originated the tradition of the Christmas tree, and Christmas in Estonia always includes large, elaborately decorated fir trees for the holidays.

Bratislava is gaining in popularity as a European capital with plenty to offer.

Its small, compact old Town is the center of festivities when the holidays approach.

For example, Lake Bled draws both locals and visitors who go there to be awed by its blue waters and white-capped mountains.

Here, as in other Slovenian sanctums of nature worship, a castle adds to the fairy-tale scenery.

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