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Ljubljana has a charming old town that is hopping from Easter to New Year.Climb to the top of Ljubljana Castle for views of the city, or stroll along its willow-sheltered waterway for a romantic trip back in time.The countries of the Balkans are classified differently depending upon what factors you're using, and Southeastern Europe is a good description for those countries that occupy the southern corner of Eastern Europe.And, as for everyone else - they're so far east there's no disputing the fact that they're a part of Eastern Europe, but East Eastern Europe seems redundant.

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Romania's culture dates back to Roman times when the Dacians inhabited the region.The number of hostels in Belgrade has exploded in the past few years, and English-language coverage of this destination city is better than for some of the rest of Southeastern Europe. Latvian culture includes one of the world's oldest flags.Latvia also claims to be the originator of the Christmas tree, and Latvian Christmas traditions include a celebration of this contribution to Christianity's important holiday. Like Latvia, it also claims to have originated the tradition of the Christmas tree, and Christmas in Estonia always includes large, elaborately decorated fir trees for the holidays.For example, Lake Bled draws both locals and visitors who go there to be awed by its blue waters and white-capped mountains.Here, as in other Slovenian sanctums of nature worship, a castle adds to the fairy-tale scenery.Czech Republic World Heritage sites showcase the best of the Czech Republic's heritage.No matter what region of the Czech Republic a visitor finds herself, Czech culture provides plenty of opportunities to celebrate throughout the year, and Czech souvenirs show pride in Czech traditions.However, Krakow is Poland's most popular destination, and other cities in Poland attract visitors from far and wide, too.Look for Polish castles when touring the country - they are plentiful, and many have been turned into museums or hotels.Archaeological sites reveal information about the earliest Romanians and offer clues to modern Romania's origins.Romania today preserves much from the past in countryside life and traditions and in its castles, churches, and historic towns. This hub of activity is attracting bloggers, businesses, and travelers alike.

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