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- no possibility to rate without the HUNQ accepted an date or better a DEAL (because some hunqz sell underwear and so on), so as i suggested before: the customer ask for a deal, the HUNQ accept a deal and the customer then can rate the deal.

This 3 steps will prevent many problems with fake ratings to cause damage to the escorts.

so everybody can see when and how many negative ratings there are AND if the escort is fair to view them too, or if he decides to disable them... - allow multiple ratings (each date/deal one vote): many escorts have customers that book them again and again and dont get new customers so often.

if there is only the possibility for one rating, this is not able to be displayed...

In the next step please change this things (if you really want a "strong" rating tool): - no possibility to change or delete ratings: I dont know if you know the escort-business a little bit, but if there was a date and the customer was happy about it, he will give a positive rating and repeat the date after a while; unter that aspekt (repeating a date) most customers ask for or want a reduced price (80%) or better other conditions (longer time for the same price and so on).

No rating changes and no possibility to delete old ratings, BUT possibility to rate each date again.Think about that escorts are often the poorest people in that business.of course there are escorts who are criminal and so on, but from my point of view, the main problem are the customers: they book an escort but dont open, dont pay, start discussions, say they dont have enough money and so on; when escorts were rated by customers, there is no reason why customers shouldnt be rated by escorts.built 3-5 categories that customers should give stars for; but dont show these stars of each rating to the escorts... like within ebay: there is a rating, everybody can see if it is positive or negative, there is text everybody can read, and there are 3-4 categories you can give stars, that nobody can see, but the average - allow escorts to disable a rating, but NOT to delete it (if you changed to the 3-step-system as described); it is nessesary to disable an rating, so that it is not viewed, because some ratings are not fair or even illegal content and that may cause trouble; they should count, but there is no need to show the text or so on.maybe you construct it that the rating is displayed with date, positive or negative, but without it text and therefore a line that it was disabled by the escort.Half of the customers accept it and the old price, the other half doesnt do and start arguing or block an escort and so on.If they have the possibility to change their old rating from positive to negative, they are able to press the HUNQZ.There have to be 3 Steps: - ask for a date - accept a date - rate a date At the moment there is the possibility to rate even if there where only chats...and i think it shouldnt be possible to rate an escort if you havent met him...Many customers know that there are problems of trust, and such a ratingsystem would be able to solve those problems.- another idea is to add special votes (1-5 stars) for reliability/punctuality, currentness of pictures, verity of pictures (does they show the person who appears), verity of dicksize, age, adequacy of price, ...

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