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Today, the various episodes of Emmanuelle in Space are generally available edited together into feature-length productions that are available on DVD and occasionally show up on broadcasters such as Cinemax and on cable networks outside the U. It was directed by Jean-Jacques Lamore, produced by Alain Siritzky, and written by J. It was directed by Kevin Alber, and written by Thomas Mc Kelvey Cleaver, based on character by Emmanuelle Arsan. EMANUELLE is Tintin as envisioned by the Marquis de Sade.Haffron and Emmanuelle enjoy another tryst together while seeing the world. Haffron has trouble being monogomous, while becoming very jealous of men that Emmanuelle finds attractive. “ Emmanuelle 6: One Final Fling (DVD title: Emmanuelle in Space 6: One Last Fling) is a 1994 television movie from the Emmanuelle in Space series featuring several softcore sex scenes mostly between Krista Allen and co-star Paul Michael Robinson. The original trilogy with Sylvia Kristal was lovely, glossy French softcore about a bored, swinging diplomat’s wife who breathlessly discussed philosophies about love and sex in between conquests.Also essential viewing – her two women-in-prison adventures (as directed by Bruno Mattei).Honorable mentions to the ‘young Emanuelles’ and other fun, glossy cash-ins – ANNIE (ANNIE BELLE), NEA (ANN ZACHARIAS), VANESSA (OLIVIA PASCAL), FELICITY (GLORIA ANNEN) & JOY (CLAUDIA UDY).The film was former photographer Just Jaeckin's debut feature film and was shot on location in Thailand and in France between 19.Emmanuelle was received negatively by critics on its initial release and with a more mixed reception years later.

The film was distributed by in the United States making it the first X-rated film released by the company.

Only films and episodes produced by ASP ("Alain Siritzky Productions") film company are official and based on Arsan's character.

The name Emmanuelle (and its various spelling combinations) has gone on to become metonymic with erotic film. “ Emmanuelle is a 1974 French softcore erotic film, directed by Just Jaeckin, and starring Sylvia Kristel.

Filmography[] Emmanuelle series (France)[] Emmanuelle made-for-TV films (France)[] Emmanuelle in Space series (USA)[] Emmanuelle 2000 series (USA)[] Emmanuelle TV film (USA)[] Emmanuelle Private Collection series (USA)[] Emmanuelle Through Time series (USA)[] Other films[] A great number of movies, particularly in the sexploitation genre and sometimes retroactively, included the name ' Emmanuelle' or its variants in their titles (at least in some of their releases) for exploitative reasons, although none of them had been legally or artistically related to the original series or its title character.

The Spanish-Italian "Black Emanuelle" films created a following on their own right.[] Such films also include: References [] External links[] Emmanuelle (1974) is the first installment in a series of French films directed by . The film stars in the title role about a woman who takes a trip to to enhance her sexual experience.

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