Error occurred while setup was updating partition information

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Attached to this document are the latest and Uninstall BESR2010files for Backup Exec System Recovery 2010.For editing I used the text editor Notepad Translation edits ver. After reading this branch, I understood, having Avik8100 - I'm full of fuck. I've been waiting a year for something incomprehensible. Boot into the test mode, looked at the different tests there, and decided that it would be much faster to make the image if you click on the "copy device" line instead of the "copy script", because by logic all the contents of the internal memory should be copied to an external flash drive.0.3, the line number of the source text and the revision are visible. 0.3( 8,8 )Graphics is located.\ drawable-mdpi \My edit siri icons New_siri_pic_ver.0.2( 12,46 )My file for firmware 1.07 UW5 (F960BT / UW5)JCommonlib-res_asd2550.3( 22,01 )Symptoms: GU does not boot, cyclic reboots, black screen, screen with Pioneer logo or screen with the word about software problems Prerequisites: the settings will no longer be saved. Each time the playback starts from the first track Update the software results does not. How I was wrong - it turned out that the whole contents of the internal memory were erased !!!With System Recovery, you can boot direct from a running or cold system and restore the entire system, physical or virtual, Windows or Linux, as fast as your disk storage can read and write.With Veritas System Recovery, you can easily convert physical machine images to virtual file formats on a schedule or in real time.Drive Maintenance- information on the sections of the disk25.Temperature Sensor Test- information from temperature sensors51.AVH-X8700BT Android Auto Minor interface improvements Differences AVH-X8700BT vs.AVH-X8800BT- Mirro Link Minor interface improvements In the Russian market were presented models AVIC-F960BT, AVH-X8600BT and Automotive Multimedia Receiver SPH-DA120On the European AVIC-F860BT / AVIC-F960BT / AVIC-F960DAB / AVIC-F60DAB AVH-X8600BTOn the North American AVIC 5000NEX / 6000NEX / 7000NEX / 8000NEX AVH-4000NEXAVIC-F960BT_manual_( 7,76 )AVH-X8600BT_manual_( 2,62 )SPH-DA120_manual_( 5,42 )AVIC-F960BT_installation_manual_EN_CRB4359( 1,66 )On the European AVIC-F970BT (DAB) / F70DAB / F77DAB AVH-X8700BT / 8750BT / 8790BT there are versions of TVOn the North American AVIC 5100NEX / 6100NEX / 7100NEX / 8100NEX AVH-4100NEXAVIC-F970BT_manual_( 8,09 )AVH-X8700BT_manual_RU_CRB4495( 39,3 ), Shipped only AVIC-F980BTOn the European AVIC-F980BT (DAB) / F80DAB / F88DAB AVH-X8800BT / 8850BT / 8890BT there are versions of Digital TVOn the North American AVIC 5200NEX / 6200NEX / 7200NEX / 8200NEX AVH-4200NEXPioneer also made the AVIC-EVO1 version for WAG: Read more at pioneer Differences from the x100 platform at the level of iron:1.You have software problems on the internal SD card. It is required to replace the SD card with the software Write to A personal (QMS), I'll show you how to restore the GU11/23/2015 Finally there was a long-awaited update of AVIC SYNC, but so far for European models Download updates page On update is available only for European models: AVIC-F60DAB, AVIC-F960DAB, AVIC-F960BT, AVIC-F860BT, AVIC-F960DAB-C and AVIC-F860BT-C. There was a black window of death: How to restore from such a state, I did not know!AVIC-F77DAB, AVIC-F70DAB, AVIC-F970DAB, AVIC-F970BT, AVIC-F970DAB-C and AVIC-F970BT-C. GU was not loaded (which is natural, because the file system simply was not), the test mode also did not enter! I turned here, and I was helped to restore the system from scratch. Now I have in the GU map of Russia, working TTS, speed. I installed Avic Sync on my phone and connected it to the GU - I earned online services.

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