Etiquette dating a divorcee

Obviously this relationship between your friend and her partner has no future. Introduce her to his family as the woman he's been seeing for the past FOUR years? Chances are that he has no intentions of ever introducing her to his family. If he had I'm sure they'd question him about her and be anxious to meet her. Wait a few more years then shock everyone by sending out wedding invitations? Obviously this guy isn't ready to move on, and no one can make him.

It sounds like he's using her as a convenience because he's not still over his ex wife. The sooner she leaves him, the better off she will be.

(usually the last one you meet)Something is not right here if he is unwilling to let her meet people in his life IMO.

I would suggest too her she have a talk with him and ask why he don't/wont let her meet the people in his life. If I were her, I wouldn't be sticking around to find out.

She already saw his divorce papers and he has been divorced for about 3 years already, but can't seem to let his ex-wife go. My friend is excluded from everything, even his grandchildren I could understand being excluded from family stuff...I'm sorry to hear that you friend has been excluded. There are a lot of adult children who would embrace your friend and accept her as their father's significant other.I don't understand why her boyfriend wouldn't invite her along to meet his family. Or is he trying to present himself as a martyr to his children?Looking for feedback....thanks What has this got to do with divorce? If she has been seeing him for years (since you said years, I'm going to assume atleast 2) and she hasn't met any of his friends and is excluded from events, then I say he doesn't consider them a "couple".If she is exclusive, she should have atleast his friends within a year. She can't make him do anything he doesn't want to do and he doesn't want to include her in his circle of friends and family.As far as a time frame of meeting friends and family, if you've been exclusive for 6 months or longer, than it's time to meet the loved ones in his life. You can't have a relationship when you're excluded from half your partner's life.She is smartest to walk away and find someone who can be a real partner.especially if the ex still attends for the first year.I would be mad if I hadn't been invited to meet friends sometime in the first year.What insight would you give to your best friend if she told you this dilemma.If she is exclusive with this person, when is the right time to meet some of his friends and their family or at least his adult children?

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