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The origins of this effect in the early (foundation) phase of reading acquisition are investigated through assessments of letter knowledge, familiar word reading, and simple nonword reading in English and 12 other orthographies.

The results confirm that children from a majority of European countries become accurate and fluent in foundation level reading before the end of the first school year.

It is hypothesized that the deeper orthographies induce the implementation of a dual (logographic alphabetic) foundation which takes more than twice as long to establish as the single foundation required for the learning of a shallow orthography.

However, this contention ignores the distinction between shallow and deep orthographies.

In Scottish schools there is a preference for a mixed method which combines the teaching of a vocabulary of sight words with the teaching of the letters and decoding procedures (Duncan et al., 1997).

I don't know this literature well enough to evaluate the single-process vs. My own experience reading English in broad phonetic transcription suggests to me, unscientifically, that word recognition is a separate process from decoding even in that case.

However, no one can rationally deny that the complex subregularities and outright irregularies of the English orthographic system pose significant problems for learners.

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