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Chrome and fully do not allow them to passed so simply enter the URL as shown below and then you should be prompted for the user name and password. If all is successful grab yourself a Beer and celebrate :) Hope this helps Does anyone have any experience with Night Owl Cameras. My system is a couple years old, it has cameras that feed into a main hard drive unit that plugs into the wifi and is accessed with a monitor plugged in directly, on my i Mac, or my phones. This took me a while to figure out so I thought I would share.I know that the feeds are there but can I access them. I have a number of Hikvision cameras around the house, I had a hard time getting them to display on Action tiles.The Solution For those who asked for more detail I am providing here. The app that really makes this work is Auto Mate It (free version) with Auto Mate It you set up rules to open and close the Ring App. On the next screen choose using the magnifying glass the Ring app, click "Next" then choose "Start Application Action" and again choose "Ring" with the magnifying glass.I have 3 tablets in my home dedicated to Action Tiles. All are setup to run Action Tiles using the Fully Kiosk Browser set to motion activation, so when the tablet detects motion Action Tiles opens. Basically you setup an account online, choose what you want the screen saver to show, then get the URL and paste that into Fully. Click "Next" and enter a name for your Rule and click the "Save Icon".Note: you only need to enter the user:password part of the string if you have assigned the camera a user name and password logon. After you press enter if you dont receive any errors go to step 4.-R rtsp://user:[email protected]/profile5/--sout "#transcode:standard 4. Change the IP address below to the IP of the PC running VLC that is doing the transcoding.

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If camera is user/password protected you may not be able to pass the user:password in the URL when trying to access the feed, this depends on the browser you are using.

Originally they were not bought for http streaming but rather a tight integration into my synology surveillance station for surveillance DVR etc... Streaming&method=Live Stream&version=2&_sid=c Vl EBPLYb Ja OI1470MGN778701&camera Id=18This is the url to view a live feed via https. My question is whether any other users attempted a connection this way as opposed to going directly into the camera?

Synology provides a few ways to access a live video feed but I will focus on two: 1. Running this in a browser, however, does not seem to work. I posted this for another user but though I would create a topic on how I was able to access my Samsung SNH-v6410PN camera feed in action tiles using VLC.

Is there any way known to extract a still image to use in a media tile from Arlo?

For my DLink cameras I FTP them to my online web space which works great, but I can't find any similar function in the Arlo app. First off great app, it's really speedy and I love the setup capability. I live in a world where I have two types of FOSCAM cameras for my house. These cameras do not support http streaming via url.

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