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To read more about his life as an army child, see above, 'PERSONAL STORY: WARTIME IN THE UK; PEACETIME IN MALTA, EGYPT AND OXFORDSHIRE', and below, 'PERSONAL STORY: MAYHEM IN A MALTESE MARRIED QUARTER', and visit the 'LIVES & TIMES' page ('PERSONAL STORY: 'EVER HEARD A SHOT FIRED IN ANGER?'' and 'PERSONAL STORY: BULLFROGS, CICADAS AND MACHINE-GUN FIRE IN EGYPT, 1951'), as well as the 'ACCOMMODATION' page ('PERSONAL STORY: A MARRIED-QUARTER CRISIS IN EGYPT') and the 'SCHOOLING' page ('PERSONAL STORY: MY EDUCATION AS A MARRIED-QUARTERS' CHILD').'I was attending Sunday school in the Royal Navy dockyard a bit unwillingly.I met my husband, Gordon (also RASC), when my father was posted to Singapore.We married in Singapore in 1954 and we had four children.

Michael thinks that his father's duties may have included acting as a caretaker at a school in Katapahar, and is keen to learn more.

Dad left the army briefly, then re-enlisted in the RPC [Royal Pioneer Corps].

Fast-forward to 1951–54, and the Egyptian Canal Zone.

Then came Aldershot, North Camp, actually from 1944.

Dad was a staff sergeant by then, supervising the cookhouses in the legendary 'Glasshouse' military prison. There were no school dinners then, so we all spent about ninety minutes' dinnertime at home every day.

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