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To read more about his life as an army child, see above, 'PERSONAL STORY: WARTIME IN THE UK; PEACETIME IN MALTA, EGYPT AND OXFORDSHIRE', and below, 'PERSONAL STORY: MAYHEM IN A MALTESE MARRIED QUARTER', and visit the 'LIVES & TIMES' page ('PERSONAL STORY: 'EVER HEARD A SHOT FIRED IN ANGER?'' and 'PERSONAL STORY: BULLFROGS, CICADAS AND MACHINE-GUN FIRE IN EGYPT, 1951'), as well as the 'ACCOMMODATION' page ('PERSONAL STORY: A MARRIED-QUARTER CRISIS IN EGYPT') and the 'SCHOOLING' page ('PERSONAL STORY: MY EDUCATION AS A MARRIED-QUARTERS' CHILD').'I was attending Sunday school in the Royal Navy dockyard a bit unwillingly.Nice flats in Ismailia; riots in 1951; and then quarters in Moascar Garrison. My sister could not wait to leave school and worked on the garrison telephone exchange. The girls (I had discovered girls by the age of fourteen!There was an excellent army children's school, a sort of 'proto-comprehensive' really. Then it was back to reality and Bicester, Oxon, in 1954. ) were all gorgeous and had accents just like Pam Ayres'.I met my husband, Gordon (also RASC), when my father was posted to Singapore.We married in Singapore in 1954 and we had four children.

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I remember Northern Ireland vividly, where we lived in the country, near Carrickfergus.He enlisted in 1926, as a starving miner, after the General Strike.He served in Palestine and India (where my sister, Brenda, was born in Poona, in 1935; Alan, my brother, was born in 1930).Read on to learn more, and see 'PERSONAL STORY: 'EVER HEARD A SHOT FIRED IN ANGER?'' and 'PERSONAL STORY: BULLFROGS, CICADAS AND MACHINE-GUN FIRE IN EGYPT, 1951' on the 'LIVES & TIMES' page; 'PERSONAL STORY: A MARRIED-QUARTER CRISIS IN EGYPT' on the 'ACCOMMODATION' page; 'PERSONAL STORY: EXPERT FIRST AID IN MALTA', and 'PERSONAL STORY: MAYHEM IN A MALTESE MARRIED QUARTER', below; and the 'SCHOOLING' page ('PERSONAL STORY: MY EDUCATION AS A MARRIED-QUARTERS’ CHILD').'My dad was a pre-war regular soldier, Royal Warwicks [the Royal Warwickshire Regiment].My birth certificate and marriage certificate are both army forms.We have been living in Altea, Spain, since my husband's retirement in 1993.'Chris Fussell's army-child experiences included being billeted in a barn in Northern Ireland and witnessing joyful VE and VJ celebrations in Aldershot.Then came Aldershot, North Camp, actually from 1944.Dad was a staff sergeant by then, supervising the cookhouses in the legendary 'Glasshouse' military prison. There were no school dinners then, so we all spent about ninety minutes' dinnertime at home every day.TACA HOMELIVES & TIMESON THE MOVEPOSTINGSACCOMMODATIONHEALTHCARE & HOSPITALSSCHOOLINGMEMORIES & MISCELLANEAFAMOUS ARMY CHILDRENHISTORY MATTERS1914–18FORGOTTEN FACESARMY CHILDREN'S GRAVESCURRENT & RECENT RESEARCHLINKS & LITERATURECONTRIBUTING & CONDITIONSCONTACT TACATACA LATEST 'My father was a native of Scotland, in the [East India] Company's service; my mother was a Rajpootree, the daughter of a zamindar . Written on the back is 'My gang, Sept 1935, Katapahar, Darjeeling, Bengal'. The photograph shows Michael's father, John Few, who was in the Royal Signals, sitting on some stone steps with a large group of children aged between around two to seven years.

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