Geneva receives a proportionate nonliquidating distribution

However, state corporation statutes govern the property rights of a corporation's shareholders and creditors.

Although applicable state corporation law and the federal income tax rules are sometimes compatible, they do not necessarily yield identical results.

On the other hand, a corporate distribution might not be a taxable dividend for federal income tax purposes, even if it is designated as a dividend for state-law purposes.

What is the amount of income from the LLC that Burgundy, Inc., must report for its tax year ending April 30, 2017? LO.3, 7, 9, 12 Bryan and Cody each contributed 0,000 to the newly formed BC Partnership in exchange for a 50% interest.

Despite this general rule, stock dividends can be taxable if (Sec.

305(b)): If a shareholder has stock redemption rights at a time when a stock dividend is declared, this may be construed as an option to receive cash or other property, which could render the stock dividend taxable (see Rev. 83-68 and 90-98; however, in IRS Letter Ruling 9709044, the IRS concluded that the shareholders' ongoing right of redemption did not result in a stock split's being taxed to the shareholders). If the new stock is not identical to the old stock (e.g., preferred stock distributed for shares of common stock), the basis of the old stock is allocated between the old and new stock based on their respective share of the total FMV of both types of stock.

For example, state law generally requires that dividends be declared by the board of directors.

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For example, a nonliquidating distribution paid by a C corporation to a shareholder will generally be a taxable dividend to the extent of the corporation's E&P, whether or not the distribution meets the state-law definition of a dividend.

302(a) sale or exchange (nondividend equivalent) transactions, regardless of whether Sec. Consistent with the premise that a share of stock is the basic unit of property that can be disposed of, the proposed regulations would, for example, treat a Sec.

301 dividend equivalent distribution as received on a pro rata, share-by-share basis with respect to the class of stock upon which the distribution is made.

Distributions by C corporations are treated as dividends to the extent of the corporation's current or accumulated earnings and profits (AE&P). On that date, it has ,000 in AAA and ,000 in E&P.

However, a special rule provides relief to the shareholders of a corporation that has terminated its S corporation status. (The AAA represents undistributed net income that has been passed through and taxed at the shareholder level; the AAA balance generally can be distributed to the shareholder without causing additional shareholder-level tax.) The PTTP represents a last chance to bail previously taxed cash and basis out of the corporation in a tax-free manner.

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