Get revemge on an online dating scammer

A list of 1,041,977 USA Seniors (45-70 years old) is selling for 5. Consider these offerings: 50 million AOL addresses: 0 30 million Hotmail addresses: 0 30 million Yahoo addresses: 0 5 million Gmail addresses: 0 Don’t have your own botnet or email infrastructure capable of sending so much email without getting shut down by your ISP?No worries: This company also sells “cheap bulk emailing solutions.” It offers bulletproof hosting, which is essentially a Web server equipped with Web-based email.Additionally, there are a handful of open-air markets where lists of emails are sold by the millions.If you buy in bulk, you can expect to pay about a penny per 1,000 addresses.When cyber crooks want to get away — with a crime — increasingly they are turning to underground online booking services that make it easy for crooks to rent hacked PCs that can help them ply their trade anonymously.[/EPSB] This entry was posted on Monday, April 25th, 2011 at am and is filed under A Little Sunshine, Latest Warnings, Web Fraud 2.0.The next scam in your inbox may claim to have been sent by a banker or bureaucrat.But, the sender probably got your name from a wholesale list-seller, and not from a trusted friend.

Whatever the ruse, the senders always claim to need your help in spiriting away millions of dollars.Stretching conspicuously across the middle of the site’s home page is a big green message to the site’s Nigerian clientele: “Don’t waste money/times/resources sending [Western Union or Moneygram], Use local deposit option.” The ad links to a page with a list of payment options, which shows that Nigerian customers can pay for their email lists by wiring the money directly from their bank accounts at several financial institutions in Lagos.Buy further advises that, “Due to tremendously high rate of fraudulent payments we do not accept Credit Cards or Pay Pal.Of course, you know enough not to reply to these, don’t you?If you don’t care whether spammers have your address and you’re not easily spooked, you might be interested in following the folks over at, a group of activists who not only track the 419 scammers but attempt to turn the tables on them.My favorite sections of that site are the 419 Eater Hall of Shame and the Letters area. …When it’s time to book a vacation or a quick getaway, many of us turn to travel reservation sites like Expedia, Travelocity and other comparison services.But there’s a cybercrime-friendly booking service that is not well-known.You click through and the website you arrive on appears to be the one that you use. In some cases, they may attempt to use your profile to pull some of the scams listed below.But, more often, they are not interested in your dating profile at all.Some of the more prolific spammers rely on bots that crawl millions of Web sites and “scrape” addresses from pages.Others turn to sellers on underground cybercrime forums.

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