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Make sure you register your own application to get valid Site key and Secret key.Three years ago Google introduced its new re CAPTCHA v2 API, replacing distorted text challenges with a simple “I’m not a robot” checkbox for validating users.I've been having major issues with re Captcha, and am unable to fix the problem.I've searched the internet and tried multiple different things and have been unsuccessful in the past 6 hours while trying to fix my user registration.It is possible to hide the badge using CSS but this may violate re CAPTCHA’s policies, as the badge links to Google’s terms and privacy documents.Invisible re Captcha for Word Press is free on Word and should greatly reduce the spam coming through Word Press forms.

It took less than a minute to get my site added at Google and the plugin configured.

However, I was disappointed that the captcha is not truly invisible.

Google’s overt branding on what is meant to be an invisible product makes it only a slight improvement over the v2 checkbox implementation in terms of what the user sees when interacting with the form.

The plugin also works with Contact Form 7 to protect form submission.

On the frontend users will see the “Protected by re CAPTCHA” badge.

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