Google recaptcha not validating

It was launched in December 2016, shortly after Invisible re CAPTCHA went into beta.The settings page lets users paste in the site key and secret key Google issues after registering on the re CAPTCHA site.Word was one of the early adopters of re CAPTCHA v2 and still uses it to validate users on its registration form.The evolution of re CAPTCHA technology continues, as Google opened up registration for its new Invisible re CAPTCHA today.It is possible to hide the badge using CSS but this may violate re CAPTCHA’s policies, as the badge links to Google’s terms and privacy documents.

Invisible re Captcha for Word Press is the first plugin to implement the new API.

Google’s re CAPTCHA is a very popular solution to protect your application or website against bots and spam. In this tutorial you will find a working example using only built-in libraries, an alternative using IP address as my domain for testing purpose. After registering your website, you will be handed a Site key and a Secret key.

The Site key will be used in the re CAPTCHA widget which is rendered within the page where you want to place it.

I’m adding it here so the example is more explicit. Google’s re CAPTCHA is a very common solution to avoid spam, bots, and can also be used to mitigate brute force attacks on login pages for example.

Please refer to this article Package of the Week: Python Decouple to learn how to separate configuration from settings, and keep sensitive information in a safe place. As usual, all the source code is available on Git Hub so you can try it by yourself.

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